The rebirth of an icon – From Taxis to Business


The rebirth of an icon – From Taxis to Business in it’s previous life was a less than exciting website outlining the happenings around London, mainly based on taxis, and black cab drivers.

BUT that’s all come to an end now and we have decided to bring this old beast of a website back into life with the aim of bringing the people of London useful content about the type of topics they want to read about. Londoner things; Business, Life Advice, and Things to do.

What’s the plan?

Let’s be honest. No one blogs for free anymore. We’ve all got an agenda and ours is to build a real website that people use, while earning some extra pocket money of course.


However on that note, we promise to regulate and keep this blog free of sponsored posts. Which means we won’t be feeding you content that has been paid for which is a novel act these days with all of the shameless Instagram and social posts from brand influencers!


What can you expect?

There’s lots in the pipeline but here’s a list of the type of content you can expect to find here:

  • Top 10 lists for food and drink in London
  • Day activity ideas
  • Best roofers, builders and Tradesmen
  • Weekend Itineraries
  • Information and advice from locals
  • Interesting content emerging across social media from the capital
  • Best businesses in and around London 

What shouldn’t I expect?

There are plenty of review sites out there, but this is not another… So here’s what you definitely won’t see on

  • Shameless plugging of products and services
  • Reviews of restaurants and bars
  • News and Politics
  • Inappropriate content including violence.


As an ode to the previous owners of this site, we’ve included all of the previous information on this site so you can get an idea of how the world of London Taxi drivers has changed ever since the conception of Uber!

Yes it all started right here at