Gaining an edge with SEO

Gaining an edge with SEO

When it comes to starting or growing a business we all know that there’s no magic pill to apply which will bring in increased sales, profits, or footfall. But that doesn’t mean that you should be trying everything without committing to one, unless you have the resources ofcourse.

SEO (SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION) has gotten a bad rap in the past and is seen as a dirty word to business owners who’ve had less than impressive experiences with so-called ‘SEO agencies’.

Since optimising a website for search engines is a complicated task that involves more than a handful of metrics, techniques, and backlinks, it can sometimes be hard for us as business owners to know if the SEO agency we hire are actually doing a good job or not. However as the world goes digital even more so, SEO is becoming an important requirement for every small-medium sizes business marketing mix.

We don’t want to go too deep into what SEO is and how it works, rather just talk around how it has become such a powerful tool for growing your business.

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Search Engines – What are they?

Search engines have been around for nearly as long as the internet. Google is always the one on everybody’s lips because let’s face it, Bing is poor to say the least.

However search engines exist all around the internet not just Google. eBay has it’s own search engine, and so does Amazon, to name only a couple. They all work using complex algorithms to calculate who should rank at the top of their search results.

As Google is a global search engine for all things their algorithm is not based on individual metrics like sales or reviews, but instead their core aim is to provide the searcher with the bets information/results that match their search query and even the intention they have when searching.

Which means Google is constantly updating it’s algorithms to ensure that they continue to display only the best websites at the top of every search results page.

What is SEO all about?

SEO is commonly known as the thing you do to get to the top of Google, but really it’s a lot more than that. SEO in the modern day is less about manipulative techniques that make your site appear more trustworthy in the eyes of Google, and more about actually building a geneuine website, brand, and authority on the internet.

We spoke to a specialist SEO agency owner from St Albans, Hertfordshire to get his insight on the changing landscape of SEO.

‘In the past SEO was a tactic. Nowadays it’s a process. The tactics that previously would fast get you to appear on top of Google will nowadays cause more harm than good. Google has grown up and learnt more along the way, which means their systems can now spot the ‘fakers’ and tactics while regarding only the real websites and businesses who are actually authorities within their industries. This means that we as an SEO agency need to work with our clients to not only improve their search rankings but their overall presence online including where they are featured on the internet, what other websites are they associated with, and how to become authorities.’

Clearly SEO is a time-consuming task, hence the rising costs of hiring an SEO company which should set you back around £600p/month minimum according to most agencies we spoke to. With some larger companies investing tens of thousands into their SEO strategy each month.

So is it worth it?

Google accounts for over 60% of the global search volume so it’s clearly not something to snub when you’re considering growing your business. But as far as effectiveness goes in terms of marketing and sales, engaging with users when their intentions are peaking and their action threshold is lowest is a salesmans dream.

Which is exactly what Google provides.

People are actively searching for your products and services everyday so why not make sure you’re who they see and not one of your competitors.

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