Tickford 1982 FL2 Find

We have just unearthed a 1982 FL2 hire car which has been standing around for a number of years stacked high in a local yard. This cab is the hire car version of the FX4R but it is a special body Tickford car with very special very high back rear seats, full west of England cloth interior, high level mounted air conditioning, front air con, an old push button radio mounted in a rear console cocktail cabinet. It also has long flexy map lights either side, rear electric windows, cig lighters either side, and an extra front seat. There is a remarkable 72.000 miles on the clock and the body is amazing in that it is in not unreasonable condition even standing outside all of the years. What is also quite remarkable is that on placing a new battery in the car, it stated ok, and we were able to drive it around the yard, but with no brakes of course, however  even the power steering works ok. This will be restored to its former glory with a full engine and body overhaul, new chrome plating, tyres, exhaust, full glass out repaint, full interior makeover, full a/c system restoration and will certainly be a real looker when completed

Members Special Offer

Members special offer whilst stocks last or until December. Unipart immobiliser kits part number GSI999 contains all that you need to secure your FX/Fairway  £13.95 plus £3 post and Vat Our special mahogany wood-rim steering wheel with matching wood centre c/w boss, ready to fit all FX4/Fairway  £99.95 plus £10 ship & vat Our beautiful six piece dark lustrous wood door capping set, hand crafted easy to fit looks terrific all FX/Fairway  £225.00 plus £10 ship & vat Plush headrest normally missing from most cabs, drops in to driver seat mounts, brand new all Fairway  £39.95 plus £10 ship & vat All enquiries to us scott@londontaxiexports.co.uk quoting Dec 13 club offer

End of London ‘Black Cab’ is a breath of fresh air for London

When Manganese Bronze, the company that manufactured the London black cab TX4, most newspaper articles, even those appearing in British papers, failed to question, whether beyond its iconic looks, the taxis the company produced were worth saving.   In an euphoria of sorrowful commentary it was in some of the readers comments that one could read about issues with fuel efficiency, exhaust emissions and the noise these vehicles created.  My article in the Sonntaz, the Sunday magazine supplement of the Taz newspaper discusses, if the demise of Manganese Bronze as producer of the London Black Cab was in deed ‘bad news’ for London.  The taxi’s iconic status acknowledged, the TX Series with its heavy Diesel engines (Ford Transit and Jeep based) actually means that these Taxis constitute 1/3 of the NOx London air pollution (even today).  I speak to one of the partners involved in the design of a new hybrid hydrogen / electric taxi for London, the general secretary of the largest organisation representing cab drivers, those who mange the transport infrastructure in London, London politicians and environmentalists.  The results indicate clearly, the TX cab

Welcome to the London Taxi Owners Club

The London Taxi Owners Club dedicated to owners of the FX4 in all its derivatives and the later Fairway and Fairway Driver There are now many of thousands of these quintessentially British icons now being used by as both private cars and advertising tools after service as Hackney Carriages all across the world, from simply Mums school transport for the kids to hotel, bars, restaurants , courtesy cars, etc as the uses for these roomy unusual and capacious cars is endless. Probably one of the best known British cars ever produced they have been seen in countless films and instantly

Users Guide

Club Page The Club Page is main page for the London Taxi Owners Club and has a number of Tab’s along the Club area which are Home, Profile, Friends, Applications and Inbox Home Tab This is the start page for the London Taxi Owners Club members, the Home tab shows Members, Video’s, Recent Activities, New Photos

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The rebirth of an icon – From Taxis to Business

Londontaxiownersclub.com in it’s previous life was a less than exciting website outlining the happenings around London, mainly based on taxis, and black cab drivers. BUT that’s all come to an end now and we have decided to bring this old beast of a website back into life with the aim of bringing the people of […]


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